What is Metro ExpressLanes?

Short Version. Metro ExpressLanes is a government program to administer variable-cost tolls on special lanes of Los Angeles County freeways. It uses the FasTrak Transponder; used by other toll programs in the state. The ExpressLanes program uses a special version of the transponder that has a switch allowing drivers to set one, two or three […]

LAX FlyAway shuttle bus at Union Station

The LAX FlyAway shuttle bus is a handy and relatively inexpensive transit option to get from Union Station to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) with no transfers and comfortable chairs. This Guide will talk about the Union Station FlyAway Bus Departure/Arrival details. Quick Details Travel between LAX Airport and Downtown LA Union Station. Current Fare: […]

How do I get from LAX to Downtown LA?

You’ve got cheap or you’ve got easy. Unfortunately, you don’t get both options when it comes to getting from Los Angeles International airport to downtown Los Angeles. Driving. The easiest is driving. Get your friend to pick you up. Otherwise you are going to pay for it: Taxi Cab: There is flat-fare $46.50 to Downtown Los […]

Metro ExpressLanes for the broke

You’ve seen the freeway signs: Express Lanes are LA Metro’s idea to make money off plain-old HOV lanes¹. This is tricky to explain because in order to sell this idea to the public it became a very confusing government program. A little History What were once purely HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicles) on the 110 and 10 […]

LAX to Disneyland Resorts for just $2.75

Every day thousands come to visit Disney’s Anaheim Resorts, from Disney’s California Adventure, to the Disney Grand Californian Hotel, to the O.G. Disneyland. Disney does not offer complimentary airport shuttles to the Disneyland Anaheim resort area (apparently this is different than Florida’s Disney World). You don’t need to rent a car, though, if you’re going to be […]

How to Escape LAX using LA’s Metro

The Los Angeles Metro is a hot mess of madness. Accept this now and you may pass through it with the zen like state necessary to deal with government agencies such as the IRS, the DMV, and any other three letter acronym you can come up with. It won’t be easy but with this guide […]