The LAX FlyAway shuttle bus is a handy and relatively inexpensive transit option to get from Union Station to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) with no transfers and comfortable chairs. This Guide will talk about the Union Station FlyAway Bus Departure/Arrival details.

Quick Details

Travel between LAX Airport and Downtown LA Union Station.
Current Fare: $9.75 (one-way) ; $19.50 (round-trip) [cash not accepted]
FlyAway Union Station Pickup/Dropoff:  Google Maps Link
Bus Stop is outdoors on south-end of Patsaouras Bus Plaza (pedestrian access only).
PDF Map of Union Station (by LA Metro)
Purchase Tickets for Union Station FlyAway Online (choose Union Station) – Tickets valid for 30-days after purchase OR use TAP Card Stored Value (recommended but cannot purchase at LAX).
Children. 2 children under 5-years-old can ride free with a paid adult.
Schedule (scroll down) – Union Station FlyAway
☎ 714-507-1170 24-Hour FlyAway Customer Service [other routes]
FlyAway Website:

Why FlyAway?

For $9.75 you can get a comfortable ride directly to your LAX terminal (the alternative routes take longer and involve multiple transfers from Union Station is $1.75 route: Red/Purple Line → Blue Line → Green Line → LAX G Shuttle or the $2.50 route: exit Union Station, walk to Silver Line Bus → Green Line → LAX G Shuttle).

The LAX FlyAway shuttle bus is operated by the LAX Airport (who use shuttle contract services) not LA Metro.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up at Union Station East/Patsaouras Transit Plaza

⚠ Don’t go to Union Station West entrance on Alameda (the historic Union Station entrance and default by Google Maps). The FlyAway stop is on the east side of the large Union Station Complex in Patsaouras Plaza. It’s a long walk if you have luggage.

There are two entrances to the Underground Pickup & Dropoff areas of Union Station East. (FlyAway Stop and Ticket Booth are above-ground, in the bus plaza).

MAP KEY (click icons for more information)

  • Green Cars (2) – Below Ground Pickup/Dropoff & Parking for Union Station East.
  • Star – FlyAway bus Ticket Booth (you can buy online, though)
  • Yellow Line – long slightly sloped walkway from the underground main terminal area to the above-ground FlyAway shuttle bus stops (this avoids stairs, escalators, elevators and crosswalks; it’s the easiest way when accessing subway/train platforms).


Riding FlyAway

Staffed Ticket Kiosk at Union Station

The Union Station FlyAway buses are comfortable buses (different stop locations have different buses) with under-bus luggage compartments which must be used (then narrow aisle would make it very difficult). The FlyAway website notes a 3 bag limit per passenger.

The trip is 35 minutes in good traffic but can easily become an hour long journey in bad traffic. The FlyAway buses use the HOT/HOV lanes (MetroExpress Lanes to the 105-Fwy HOV lanes) so they usually move quicker than the regular flow of traffic (or lack of flow…).

It’s a quiet comfortable ride that I can easily recommend (of course, my bus was pretty empty). It is especially nice when arriving to LAX because the terminal pick-up area is so loud and busy. Just make sure you get on the right FlyAway Shuttle Bus (Union Station).

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  1. Hi I am sorry I am in europe, not been able to establish when at night your last bus (Flyaway From LAX to Union Station on October 18th 2020 on my way to Anaheim.. Thank you

  2. They are good, Comfortable, fast, and easy. They are cheap and always on time with friendly drivers. I always ride with them.

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