Trip Planning Resources

There are many sources to get directions (Trip Planners) on using LA Metro Public Transit.

We Recommend:

Phone (English only) – Dial 511 (Free, uses your phone minutes)
A live person! As soon as it answers press the 1 and 1 again or say “Public Transit” to get to the Trip Planner (you can also say “LA Metro”). This LA County’s phone system for Transportation, from road conditions to public transit (works similar to 411, Directory Information; 911, Emergencies; 211, County Health & Human Services). Get more tips on go511 website –
[Not Working? If your phone service doesn’t support 5-1-1, you can dial 877-22-Go511]

Google Maps – Web | iOS | Android (Free)
Google Maps has the best user interface even though it has an incomplete listing of public transit agencies within Los Angeles. It also does not provide fare information, this wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact it’ll regularly offer routes that have $10-$30 cost. Google Maps nice interface allows for easily selecting a destination and getting directions in your preferred language.

SoCal Transport – Web (Free)
This old school website is picky about how you enter your travel to and from locations, its interface is bulky and tedious but it has two big advantages no one else does: schedules from 70 public transit agencies and fare information. One big limitation is a 2-transfer limit for trips. A 3-transfer route could be much faster but this trip planner will not suggest them.

LA Metro Trip Planner
LA Metro has released a new Trip Planner on their website. Unfortunately, it’s pretty buggy and until those bugs are worked out we recommend you avoid it.

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